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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Thoughts… A Little Music Rant

Most music comes from poor Southern folk. Rock and roll is a mix of blues and country. Blues comes from poor black folk, which even before that, came from old black folk songs, originating from the US slaves, and prisoners. Country comes from poor white folk, which came from hillbillies, and even before that, the Irish, with some Scots and Brits. You can trace all American music back to the South. Poor people make music. The only genres I can think of nowadays that basically have no roots, especially poor Southern roots, is this bullshit electronic/techno/no substance pop music. Hell, even hip hop came from the poor. I think it’s important that we acknowledge these roots, because most of the originators of rock and roll are old now and won’t be around much longer. Thank God for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even the “grunge” people are in their fifties now. I think people like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, etc, should be so ashamed of themselves for creating music that has ruined multiple generations already, with no regard for people, instrumentation, women, or intelligent thought. What gets put through people’s heads today is absolute trash. I will point out that rock and roll is known for its excess, loose women, drugs, overdoses, etc, but I absolutely love it. I have no problem with “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones. In fact, it’s one of my favorite songs. And I would still love them even if all their songs were about that. The difference is that the Stones are pioneers. They’ve changed lives, taken lives, moved people. They do all the worst things and the best things to people, and therefore are significant. Today’s music is white noise. It’s background party music. They won’t change the world. They won’t inspire millions (literally) to buy Cuban-healed chelsea boots, wear their hair long, participate in civil rights rallies, do LSD, be free and lustful, buy records, live, die. It’s hollow. Machines are hollow. People who are in it for the money are hollow. There’s no soul anywhere. These black bluesmen and hillbillies didn’t give America music so that we could use a computer and make fifteen songs in fifteen minutes. They gave it to us to move us. You know? Bring joy or sorrow to people’s lives, or their own. Not so that some wormy little kid can get famous on YouTube for posting their electronic music. Real music comes from musicians. Musicians who spent hours as kids listening to music, being loners or showmen, working in shitty clubs and bars for five years, until they finally get noticed. They work their asses off, creating on the piano, guitar, bass, drums, microphone, until they realize they fucking suck, and then try harder and become magnificent.
The Beatles gave America their music back to them in the early sixties. It’s time for somebody to give us back our music.