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CSN: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

This time a song about a real person, one the writer of this tune was pretty sure was gonna leave him any minute for another man. Stephen Stills met the object of his affection in 1967. In fact, she was with him when he recorded a demo version of this song, saying to him that evening not to stay at the studio all night. Her name would appear, if not in the lyrics, then most certainly in the song’s title, referencing the color of her incredibly piercing eyes, to which men found themselves attracted. Two years into her love story with Stephen Stills, it was 1969, and she was appearing in the New York Shakespeare Festival musical production of Peer Gynt, when she fell in love with her co-star, Stacy Keach. Knowing this, Stephen Stills caught up with her one night, brought his guitar along to her hotel room and sang her the whole song, spelling out the legacy of their relationship. And while that one ended, the song proved the beginning of a new one. A three way, actually. A song that would mark the beginning, not only of Crosby, Stills & Nash, written for singer, actor and former flame of Stephen Stills, Judy Collins, as in “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.”

– Jeff Woods, “Legends of Classic Rock” Q107 Toronto


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