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Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton

While he has fans everywhere in the world, it’s really tough to find one bigger than Eric Clapton. Eric will never forget after his band Cream returned to London, having just finished their second album and being very excited about it, once he heard the first Jimi Hendrix album, Clapton was certain it was all anyone wanted to hear. It was not only the beginning of Eric’s disenchantment of England, it served to stoke the fire of his true bromance with Jimi Hendrix. How close were they? Put it this way: One day Eric went out and bought a left-handed Fender Strat guitar, nice white one, intending generously to give it to Jimi as a gift. He brought it along to a Sly & the Family Stone concert, certain Jimi would be there; he was not. The next day came the news that Hendrix had died, leaving Eric Clapton angry and upset and filled with a feeling of terrible loneliness over the loss of his friend.

– Jeff Woods, “Legends of Classic Rock” Q107 Toronto


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