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The Band: The Last Waltz – The Seeds

“I couldn’t live with twenty years on the road.” That’s what Robbie Robertson tells Martin Scorsese on camera during one of rock’s most legendary documentary concert films. And it’s the reason why, in 1976, Robertson was ready to call it a day. From gigs as a teen with Ronnie Hawkins, to his role as 1/5 of Dylan’s band when Bob went electric in ’66, to his own tours with the band known as the Band. Robbie had had more than enough of suitcases and hotel rooms. Rather than break up the Band, though, he proposed they’d continue like the Beatles had, recording studio albums without having to tour. The rest of the group was reluctant at first; they liked the road, though ultimately agreed. But without the road to bind them, the group drifted apart. As fate would have it, following the release of the Band’s Last Waltz in 1978, the five original members never worked all together in the studio again.

– Jeff Woods, “Legends of Classic Rock” Q107 Toronto


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